React to incoming webhooks with minimal setup

We provide you with secure webhook invocation endpoints that can run your shell scripts
by connecting to your fleet of servers via SSH.

Use request context in your script code

For every incoming webhook invocation we parse and store its original context: payload, headers and query parameters. We can export partial or entire values as temporary environment variables you can use in your scripts.

Custom trigger rules

Want to only run your build scripts when a push to the master branch occurs? Use trigger rules to customize the exact conditions of when the scripts should be run based on the request context.

Various concurrency strategies

Build script was already running when its webhook got invoked again? Don't worry about your script's behavior in the world of concurrency, we provide various strategies so you can specify exactly what should happen based on your own requirements and script code.

Detailed webhook invocation history

We keep the webhook invocation history for a limited amount of time so you can easily review your webhook usage and script behavior. Each historical entry contains the entire request context plus your scripts' outputs.

Hook invocation replay

Your build script failed due to various reasons but it's a hassle to repeat the webhook invocation manually? No worries, you can replay the existing hook invocation with the original request context in a single click!

Simple pricing model

We use a prepaid, fair-use model, so there won't be any hidden fees or unexpected charges!

Unix philosophy

Hookdoo is one well-defined service that does one thing and does it well. You're free to use all, some or none of its advanced features listed above to suit your needs.

Concerned about security?

Hookdoo is a hosted solution and as such may be off-limits due to your organizational policies or personal preferences.
If you want to host your own Hookdoo instance, you can contact us at info@hookdoo.com.
If you don't need its advanced features, or if you are DIY type of engineer then our open source webhook server might better suit you!


Have some special demands? Feel free to contact us, we're pretty sure we can work something out!

Want to see it in action?

Check out our help page for demonstration of your basic workflow with Hookdoo.

Pricing plans


$ 2 /mo
2 servers
2 hooks
Most popular


$ 5 /mo
4 servers
8 hooks


$ 20 /mo
16 servers
32 hooks